Here are the answers to frequently asked questions
When are you open?

Monday to Friday 7am -4pm
Saturday 8am -12pm

What payment methods do you accept?

7 day Terms after completion done EFT

Can you work from any plan or do I have to choose from only set options

We can build from any approved plans that you provide, you are not limited to a set of new home or renovation design plans based on brand etc. We’ve worked with such a vast arrange of architects and seen so many different layouts, options, challenging land sizes and slopes, we’re able to make your dream home a reality.

Do you have design / architectural services?

Bonnici Carpentry work with a number of skilled and respected architectural firms and designers. We are happy to arrange a consultation for you.

We have a heritage listed home that is in need of a renovation. Do you have experience in this specialised building area?

Yes, we have completed many heritage listed and period home renovations and extensions. Please view our gallery for examples.

In what suburbs do we operate in?

Bonnici Carpentry is a Melbourne-based builder servicing north Melbourne. We have completed projects in Moonie Ponds, Preston, Essendon, Coburg and Kew

How is Bonnici Building Services different from other home builders?

We combine our professional expertise and disciplines of the construction industry with a passion for great home designs, quality construction and a personal dedication to building and trust in relationships with our customers. We build only a handful of homes each year so that every project gets our personalized attention. We will work directly with you from start-to-end, and then work hard to make sure you’ are still satisfied after you’ve moved in. We build homes like they were our own. To us, once everyone has willingly put their signature to it, do we call it a home, as a gesture of pride and accomplishment.

How do we pick a good location and lot?

As in many areas, finding the right place to build can be challenging. There is often great competition for lots, especially in good school districts for those families with children. Bonnici Carpentry can help you find one that’s perfect for your family. We look for that special “something” in a lot, perhaps a slope for an exposed lower level with a great view.

How do you handle problems?

As in any complex building project, unexpected things can happen. Because of the close working relationship we will have with you, most issues never escalate into problems. There are many times during the building process where walk-throughs will occur spontaneously, and also scheduled on-site meetings. My team and I have a keen sense of detail and dedication to follow-thorough on action items and issues that even the most discriminating customers have come to trust. When a house or renovation is completed, we will conduct a detailed walk-through to identify any finishing touches. Items on a “punch list” are scheduled and completed to coordinate with your move-in and keeping your schedule in mind.

What is Your Warranty?

Bonnici Carpentry follows the Standard Builders Association guidelines, and you will find that we are “on call” long after you move in to help make sure you are satisfied with your home. The company also knows that its future success depends on satisfied customers, and we will not hesitate to respond to customer concerns after the home is built.

We are Green Living Accredited. What we will do to reduce the environmental impact of our build?

These are some of the ways Bonnici Carpentry Builders reduces its environmental footprint:

  • we can arrange to salvage and sell building products for our clients prior to demolition
  • we recycle all metals
  • we recycle timber which is used to make furniture
  • we recycle all new plasterboard
  • we use paint wash out bins on all sites
    We like to know that we have contributed in making a difference.

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