Home Renovation

Bonnici Building Services

Looking to upgrade your home? Breathe new life into your existing home with the team from Bonnici Building Services.

With over three decades in the industry we can help translate your vision for your renovations into a reality. From new outdoor living spaces to kitchens, carports and more, Bonnici Building Services has it covered.

Why Rennovate

Larger family, or children have left home and turning bedrooms into mancaves, workoutrooms, craft/hobby rooms and more, upgrading living spaces to accomidate elderly relatives moving in.




Extra bathroom, twin sinks (relationship saver that one!),


Additonal toilets


Space savvy storage options


Larger more modern kitchens

Update a home

Sick of the look of it, modernise the look and upgrade storage capacity and waste of space.

Improve your home and your long term investment.

Professional And Reliable Building Services

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